McDonalds Sweet and Treat Menu In USA

There is a variety of yummy and super fantastic items in McDonalds Sweet and Treat Menu as you can even get confused about what to choose. Because every item has a different and unique taste. All these items from the McDonalds Sweet and Treat Menu that you can pair up with any of your meals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner for a complete and splendid meal. In this blog, we have mentioned all the items that McDonald’s serves in their Sweet and Treat Menu.

McDonalds Sweet and Treat Menu
  • McFlurry with Oreo Cookies
  • McFlurry with M&M’s Candies
  • Vanilla Cone
  • Chocolate Shake
  • Vanilla Shake
  • Strawberry Shake
  • Hot Fudge Sundae
  • Hot Caramel Sundae
  • Baked Apple Pie
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie 
  • Plain Sundae
  • 13 Cookie Tote
  • Strawberry and Creme Pie
  • Guava and Creme Pie
  • Guava Creme & Apple Pie

Sweats & Treats

McDonald’s USA Sweet and Treat Menu Price

McDonald’s USA serves a wide variety of items in their Sweet and Treat Menu in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. All these items with multiple sizes also vary in calories, proteins, fats, and carbs. Get and enjoy all these items according to your diet. 

Items Price 
McFlurry with Oreo Cookies$5.99
McFlurry with M&M’s Candies$5.99
Vanilla Cone
Chocolate Shake$4.12
Vanilla Shake$4.12
Strawberry Shake$4.12
Hot Fudge Sundae$5.59
Hot Caramel Sundae$5.59
Baked Apple Pie$2.89
Chocolate Chip Cookie $2.79
Strawberry and Creme Pie$3.59
Plain Sundae$5.49
13 Cookie Tote$12.09
Guava and Creme Pie$3.59
Guava Creme & Apple Pie$3.69
McDonald’s USA Sweet and Treat Menu Price

Nutrition Report

McDonald’s contains healthy and nutritive items in their product. Here in this blog, we have mentioned all the calories, fats, proteins, and carbs of each item from McDonald’s Sweet & Treat menu.

Items Calories(cal)Proteins(g)Carbs(g)Fats(g)
McFlurry with Oreo Cookies510128016
McFlurry with M&M’s Candies640139621
Vanilla Cone2005335
Chocolate Shake (S, M, L)520128514
Vanilla Shake (S, M, L)480108013
Strawberry Shake (S, M, L)470107713
Hot Fudge Sundae33085110
Hot Caramel Sundae3307587
Baked Apple Pie23023311
Chocolate Chip Cookie 1702228
Strawberry and Creme Pie28033415
McDonald’s USA Sweet and Treat Menu Nutrition Report

Why is McDonalds Sweet and Treat Menu so popular?

McDonald’s USA has a splendid collection of desserts that satisfies everyone’s taste for sweetness. They serve from classic vanilla cones to yummy sundaes of different flavors with multiple toppings. And even more, they also offer warm and popular apple and strawberry pies and perfectly baked chocolate chip cookies. These sweet desserts are popular among people of all ages. These desserts from Sweet and Treat Menu are the perfect ending to your meal that you can enjoy anytime.

What are the Healthiest milkshakes at McDonalds Sweet and Treat Menu?

Different items become healthy and popular according to the ingredients and nutrients they contain. All the Milkshake that Sweet and Treat Menu contains are healthy and have rich amounts of calories, fats, and proteins. The popular and healthy milkshakes at McDonald’s Menu are: 

  • Chocolate Shake
  • Vanilla Shake
  • Strawberry Shake

How can one choose the right and best McDonald’s Milkshake?

McDonald’s USA offers a variety of milkshakes and sundaes in their Sweet and Treat Menu as one can get confused about which item should he/she choose. But we in this blog are going to help out how to choose the best item.

  • The first thing that you should keep in your mind is your mood and preference. If you want to drink some refreshing and soothing drink you can select the Milkshake of your choice. Like if you are a vanilla lover then choose a Vanilla shake, and if you are a Chocolate lover you can choose the chocolate shake.
  • The second thing you must notice about choosing these items is their Nutrition. We have mentioned the nutrition of each product in this blog you can go and check that will help you in choosing the best item depending upon your preference.
  • And the one more thing that you must keep in mind is the budget and its affordability. McDonald’s USA mentioned prices of each item with different sizes too, check the prices and then select according to the amount that you are willing to spend.


Q. Are McDonald’s chocolate cookies and baked pies healthy?

McDonald’s chocolate chip cookies are healthy as they contain essential nutrients and ingredients. Milk, egg, wheat, soy, and some nutrients are present. like sodium, potassium, iron, etc which are good for health. In the same way, baked pies of different types like strawberry pie, apple baked pie, guava, and creme-baked pie are also prepared from fresh and healthy ingredients, and the fruits used in them are healthy and fresh.

Q. What comes in Caramel Sundae and Hot Fudge Sundae?

The Hot Fudge Sundae comes with a delicious combo of vanilla reduced-fat ice cream and an exciting hot fudge topping. The caramel sundae comes with soft creamy vanilla ice cream. This is combined with a buttery topping of caramel that makes it yummy.

Q. Does McDonald’s use real ice cream in their all-sweet and treat items?

The ice cream used in their Caramel Sundae, Hot Fudge Sundae, and Vanilla Cone is real vanilla ice cream prepared with whipped cream. And have the best taste and flavor.

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