McDonald’s McNuggets and Meals Menu with Prices in 2024

McDonald’s has this amazing section of McNuggets with a combination of exciting meals that give their customers a great experience. Lets check McNuggets and meals menu available at McDonald’s USA, including their prices and nutrition details.

McNuggets & Meals

McDonald’s McNuggets Prices

McDonald’s serves crunchy and succulent chicken nuggets in the McNuggets section. These chicken nuggets have a tender taste with affordable prices that are mentioned below:

Items Price 
4 Piece McNugget$4.49
6 Piece McNugget$6.49
10-piece McNugget$6.89
20-piece McNugget$11.99
40-piece McNugget$20.99
4 pc. Spicy Chicken  McNugget$4.49
6 pc. Spicy Chicken McNugget$6.49
10 pc. Spicy Chicken McNugget$6.89
20 pc Spicy Chicken McNugget$11.99
40 pc Spicy Chicken  McNugget$20.99
McDonald’s McNuggets Prices

McDonald’s McNuggets Meals Prices

McDonald’s also provides their customers with McNuggets meals at its McNuggets and meals menu that contain different pieces of chicken nuggets along with other items like Coca-Cola and fries. The McNuggets meal prices are also mentioned below:

McNuggets and meals menu
Items Price 
6 pc. Chicken McNugget Meal$10.19
10 pc. Chicken McNugget Meal$12.79
10 pc. Spicy Chicken McNugget Meal$3.79
McDonald’s McNuggets Meals Prices

McDonald’s McNuggets and Meals Menu Nutrition Report

These nutritional values are according to the sizes and numbers of meals that strictly follow the diet. If you add any additional side items or condiments, it increases these values.

Items Calories(cal)Proteins(g)Carbs(g)Fats(g)
4 Piece McNugget17091010
6 Piece McNugget250141515
10-piece of McNuggets410232624
20-piece McNugget830465149
40-piece McNugget16609210299
McDonald’s McNuggets Nutrition Report

Are McNuggets good for You?

McDonald’s never compromises on the quality and taste of their products.  In the same way,  the quality and the ingredients they used for preparing chicken McNuggets are of the best quality and the taste is super awesome. These McNuggets are crunchy and so tender that all the customers love them.

It contains a high quantity of calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, etc as chicken is the best source of protein. Moreover, a perfect addition to your meal, you can take it with lunch and dinner.


Q. What are McNuggets made of?

McDonald’s prepares their nuggets with fresh and healthy chicken meat, vegetable oil, enriched flour, corn flour, etc., with a wonderful flavor. The outer layer, coated with crispy crunch, makes it more delicious.

Q. Are McNuggets affordable?

McNuggets at McDonald’s McNuggets and meals menu are super affordable; they are not very costly, and everyone can easily afford these delicious and crispy nuggets. The prices of different pieces of McNuggets range from low to high and are $4.49 to $20.99.

Q. Can we customize the McNuggets meals?

If you want to customize the meal at McNuggets, you can ask for it. You can customize the number of pieces of Mcnuggets with multiple sauces and cold drinks, and you can also add some other items that you want. So, yes, it is possible.

Q. What sauces can you get with McNuggets?

You can get any type of sauce with McNuggets and the meal that is available at McDonald’s, like:

  • Tangy BBQ Sauce
  • Spicy Buffalo Sauce
  • Honey Mustard Sauce
  • Sweet N Sour sauce
  • Creamy Ranch Sauce
  • Ketchup, Mayonnaise Packet, etc

Q. How much does a 10 pc. Chicken McNugget meal cost?

The prices of different pieces of McNuggets vary and range from low to high. The cost of 10 pc. Chicken McNuggets is $6.89.

Q. Are chicken McNuggets healthy? 

McNuggets are prepared from chicken white meat, which is a source of proteins and other essential nutrients and also has a high number of calories. So these nuggets are healthy. 

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