My McDonald’s Rewards – Earn Points, Get Free Food & Deals

McDonald’s provides their loyal customers with exciting offers and Rewards to stay connected to this fast food chain and offers many bonus points and discounts to their customers. On “My McDonald’s Rewards,” you can check out the super offer reward to avail of it. Download the McDonald’s app and join My McDonald’s Rewards to win reward points and a bonus on your order, and then start getting your favorite items for free.

My McDonald's Rewards

Latest McDonald’s Rewards

Get $4 Off when you download the app:

Another exciting offer McD’s App offers is “Get $4 off when you download the app.” The McDonald’s app welcomes its new customers by providing this offer. After you newly download the app and order your first meal, the McDonald’s app gives you $4 off on orders of $4 or more. This offer is valid for first-time app users, and to appear in the deal at McDonald’s, it takes 48 hours.

Free Fries Friday Offer:

McDonald’s offers an exciting offer on its app, the “Free Fries Friday Offer.” In this offer, you can get Medium Fries with any of the minimum purchases of $1. So, make your Friday a fry day and enjoy it with your friends and family.

How do I get reward points on the McDonald’s app?

  • Download this app on your mobile device.
  • After downloading, open the app and tap on the “Sign Up” option by providing your email. 
  • Enter the further information that it will ask for and create your account.
  • Your McDonald’s app account will be done; next time, you just need to “Sign In” to the app by providing your email and password. 
  • Order your first meal and claim the bonus and rewards points. You can avail of these bonus points by ordering via McDelivery, Curbside method, Drive Thru, Front counter, etc.
  • In addition to these bonus rewards points, you will also get points on your every order and on each penny you spend at McDonald’s.

How to Earn Points and Redeem Faves?

To earn these points and redeem faves, follow the steps below:

Easily Earn Points:

To earn these points, after downloading the app and creating an account on it, select the option “Earn Points” which appears on the menu bar below.  Get access to the 4-digit code for Drive Thru and scan it on the counter. And when you make your order through the app, you will automatically get reward points.

Pay and Earn all in one step:

For paying the bill and earning the Reward points add your Credit Card details to the app so you can easily pay and earn points at a time and get 1500 bonus points on your first payment. Then just scan your 4-digit code at Drive Thru before placing your order.

Redeem free McDonald’s:

To redeem free McDonald’s, click on the tab “Rewards & Deals.” Here, you can select your Faves from the McDonald’s menu that you want to redeem. So, you can select the option “Use at Restaurant” to pick at Drive Thru, or you can choose the option “Use Restaurant Code” to avail it at the counter.

Earn Points and Redeem Faves

Which points and offers does the McDonald’s app have?

McDonald’s offers a variety of points on the app, and you can get more and more rewards on each order. Surprisingly, more and more points will unlock more rewards. You can check on the McDonald’s app how far you are from unlocking the new reward.

Points Items It contains
1500 PointsYou can choose a McDonald’s item: McChicken (Regular or Hot’N Spicy), Hash Brown, Vanilla Cone, or Classic Cheeseburger.
3000 PointsYou can pick between a McDonald’s item (medium fries, sausage burrito, 6-pc chicken McNuggets, or large iced coffee).
4500 PointsYou can enjoy your choice of a Large Frappe, Large Fries, Sausage McMuffin with Egg, or Fillet-O-Fish.
6000 PointsEnjoy these points by getting a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Big Mac, Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit, or a Happy Meal.


Q. Can we share our points with someone?

Yes, if you want to share your rewards points, you can, because these reward points are yours alone. Once you have your food, it’s up to you what you want to do—share or do something else. 

Q. Is it possible that our points will expire?

Yes, as nothing can last forever, these reward points will expire on the same day when you first earn them, on the first day of the month after six months.

Q. If I made a purchase and did not get points, what should I do about it?

First, you need to wait for 24 hours. The reason is that sometimes McDonald’s takes a little time to make these points appear on the app. 

But if, after 24 hours, you still do not get points, then follow these steps:

  • Go and select the option “More.”
  • Here, you select “Careers, Contacts, & Legal.”
  • Choose the option “Contact us.”
  • Enter here your comments along with your information, including your email and number, and write your reason if you have any.
  • You will get to know it soon.

Q. Which purchases do not qualify for earning points?

Many things do not qualify for the reward points, like bag and bottle fees, taxes, loading money on a McDonald’s gift card, and delivery fees when you order something from the McDonald’s App.

Q. What steps do you need to follow if someone forgets to provide their code?

Follow the steps below:

  • Go and select the option “More” on the navigation bar.
  • Then select the option “Add Missing Reward Points from Receipt.”
  • Choose “Enter Receipt Details.”
  • Enter here the number of the restaurant from which you ordered the food, the date when you visited there, your order number, and other details.
  • And then choose “Submit.”

Q. Can I quit my McDonald’s Rewards?

If you are a user of MyMcDonald’s Rewards and now want to opt out of the reward points, follow these steps.

  • Select the option “More.”
  • Then, select “Profile.”
  • Choose “MyMcDonald’s Reward.”
  • Then, by moving the toggle to the left, you can opt out of the rewards.

Q. Can I opt back for my McDonald’s Rewards?

Yes, of course, you can opt-in for MyMcDonald’s Rewards. Just follow the steps below to opt back:

  • Select the option “More.”
  • Then, select “Profile.
  • Choose “MyMcDonald’s Reward.”
  • Then, by moving the toggle to the right, you can opt into the rewards, opt back, enjoy the rewards, and win exclusive deals.