McDonald’s Iced Coffee Price & Calories

Iced Coffee is available on the latest McDonald’s McCafe & Coffees Menu.

Iced Coffee

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Small Portion Price: $2.85
Medium Portion Price: $3.68
Large Portion Price: $3.87

In their McCafe section, McDonald’s offers a sweet iced coffee. This refreshingly chilled coffee is prepared with light cream, liquid sugar, ice, and premium roast coffee.

It provides a smooth and sweet flavor. McDonald’s Iced Coffee is available in small, medium, and large sizes.



  • Milk

Nutritional Report

Small: 140 Cal. Medium: 190 Cal. Large: 260 Cal.

NutrientsPer PortionPercentage Daily Value
Small Medium Large Small Medium Large 
Sodium (Na)50 mg50mg90 mg2% 2% 4% 
Dietary Fiber 0g0g0g0% 0% 0% 
Added Sugars 0g23g0g0% 47% 0% 
Total Sugars22g25g42g
Potassium (K)140 mg230 mg290 mg4% 4% 6% 
Calcium  (Ca)40 mg50 mg 70mg4% 4% 6% 
Trans Saturated Fats0g0g0g
Saturated Fats3.5g4g6g17% 21% 28% 
Iron (Fe)0 mg0 mg0 mg0% 0% 0% 
Cholesterol 20mg20mg35mg7% 7% 11% 
Vitamin D0 mcg0 mcg0 mcg0% 0% 0% 
Nutritional Report


Q. What makes McDonald’s iced coffee so good?

The combination of Light cream and Premium Roast Coffee makes it sweet and increases its taste.

Q. Does McDonald’s use milk in iced coffee?

McDonald’s uses Light Cream, Ice, Liquid Sugar, and Premium Roast Coffee to make this drink. However, Premium Roast Coffee is made with 100% Arabica beans.

Q. What is the price of iced coffee in McDonald’s USA?

The average cost of tea depends on its portion size. So, a small cup of coffee is $2.85, a medium cup of coffee is $3.68 and a large cup of coffee is $3.87.

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