How to locate McDonald’s Near Me in USA 2024

McDonald’s facilitates their customers finding all their restaurants easily through the website. If you are in a city where you do not know about your McDonald’s Near Me restaurant, you can find it through the “Locate” page on the website or McDonald’s App.

Mcdonalds near me

Services offered on McDonald’s Website

On the website, when you click on “Filter” in the left corner, you will be provided with the number of services and also the option of miles that you can select by clicking on the boxes.


  • Mobile Deals
  • Drive Thru
  • McDelivery
  • Indoor PlayPlace
  • Wi-Fi
  • Outdoor PlayPlace
  • Indoor Dining
  • Gift Cards
  • Open 24/7

Miles:    (i) 5       (ii) 10      (iii) 20       (iv) 50

McDonald’s Near Me

How can I locate a McDonald’s Near Me in USA?

To locate any McDonald’s outlet according to your location, you can check the McDonald’s website, where they provide their customers with an option to locate the branch. Moreover, you can also find your nearby branch through Google Maps.

Here are some steps to locate a nearby McDonald’s branch:

Find the location through the McDonald’s Website

  • When you open the McDonald’s USA website, you will see the “Locate” option on the top right side.
  • Tap on it, and a new page will open. Here, you will see “Zip or City & State” on the right corner and a search bar on the left corner. Here you can enter your city and town, zip your city or state, and a list of branches in this city will appear. Check and find the branch you want to visit.
  • Another option appears here: “Locate Me.” By clicking on it, McDonald’s finds out and determines your location and provides you with the restaurants according to your current location.

Find the location through Google Maps

You can also locate McDonald’s Near Me,

  • Turn on your location, and then go to the Google Maps application on your phone.
  • Type here in the search bar, “McDonald’s near me.”
  • Google Maps will detect your location and provide you with a list of McDonald’s near you.
  • Select and find your nearest McDonald’s, and enjoy the best meal by ordering and by visiting McDonald’s outlets.


Q. How do I turn location services on and off?

To obtain the best McDonald’s services, you have to turn on your mobile location. 

  • Go to your mobile settings and turn on the location.
  • Find the McDonald’s app on your mobile and allow location on and off.
  • Locate it through the McDonald’s app and the McDonald’s website by searching.
  • Choose your preferred location.

Q. Why should I share the location?

Sharing the location will be helpful for you and the McDonald’s Restaurant too.

  • By sharing your location, your nearby McDonald’s restaurant will be suggested, which is convenient for you.
  • McDonald’s will be able to offer deals available at your nearby McDonald’s restaurant.