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Chicken McNuggets Price & Calories

Chicken McNuggets are available on the latest McDonald’s McNuggets and Meals Menu.

Chicken McNuggets

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4 Pieces Price: $4.49
6 Pieces Price: $6.49
10 Pieces Price: $6.89
20 Pieces Price: $11.99
40 Pieces Price: $20.99

Chicken McNuggets are one of the delectable and juicy items available at McDonald’s. McDonald’s prepared their nuggets with fresh and healthy chicken meat with a wonderful flavor. The outer layer, coated with crispy crunch, makes it more delicious.

Try out this hot and tender deal from McDonald’s with your favorite dipping sauce. You can order this in multiple sizes, whatever you want.


  • Wheat

Nutritional Report

4 Pieces: 170 Calories 6 Pieces: 250 Calories 10 Pieces: 410 Calories

20 Pieces: 830 Calories 40 Pieces: 1660 Calories

NutrientsPer portion Percentage Daily Value
4 Piece6 Piece10 Piece20 Piece40 Piece4 Piece6 Piece10 Piece20 Piece40 Piece
Sodium (Na)330 mg500 mg850 mg1670mg3350 mg15%22%37%73%146%
Dietary Fiber0g1g1g2g4g1%2%4%7%14%
Added Sugars0g0g0g0g0g0%0%0%0%0%
Total Sugars0g0g0g0g0g
Potassium (K)140 mg220 mg360 mg720 mg1450 mg4%4%8%15%30%
Calcium (Ca)6mg10mg 15mg35mg70mg0%0%2%2%6%
Trans Saturated Fats0g0g0g0g0.5g– 
Saturated Fats1.5g2.5g4g8g16g8%12%20%41%82%
Iron (Fe)0.5mg0.5mg1mg2mg4mg2%4%6%10%25%
Vitamin D0mcg0mcg0mcg0mcg0mcg0%0%0%0%0%
Nutritional Report


Q. Are McDonald’s nuggets 100% chicken?

The McNuggets contain 100% chicken. The inner delicious filling of these nuggets is made up of white meat from the breast chicken.

 Q. Is there a 40-piece McNuggets?

Yes, you can take 40-piece McNuggets from any McDonald’s branch. Also, you can change your sizes as these nuggets are available in different sizes. 

Q. Are Chicken McNuggets healthy? 

McNuggets are prepared from chicken white meat which is a source of proteins and other essential nutrients and also have high numbers of calories. So these nuggets are healthy. 

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