Sweet Tea Price, Calories & Recipe

Sweet Tea is available on the latest McDonald’s Beverages Menu.

Sweet Tea

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This tea is one of the best choices for those who need less sugar and calories. This tea is a fine blend of orange pekoe and pekoe-cut black tea. You can use this tea with your breakfast meal.

It is available in four different sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large. All of the sizes have different calories and are available on McDonald’s $1, $2, and $3 Menu.

Small McDonald’s Sweet Tea Price: $2.73
Medium Price: $2.98
Large Price: $3.44


  • Brewed Tea
  • Ice
  • Medium-Invert Sugar

Nutritional Report

Extra Small: 70 Calories Small: 100 Calories  Medium: 130 Calories  Large: 170 Calories

NutrientsPer PortionPercentage Daily Value
Extra SmallSmallMedium LargeExtra SmallSmallMedium Large
Sodium (Na) 10mg15mg20mg25mg0% 1% 1% 1% 
Dietary Fiber0g0g0g0g0% 0% 0% 0% 
Added Sugars17g24g29g40g34% 48% 59% 81% 
Total Sugars17g24g29g40g
Potassium (K)25mg35mg40mg55mg0% 0% 0% 2% 
Calcium (Ca) 10mg15mg15mg25mg0% 0% 2% 2% 
Trans Fat0g0g0g0g
Saturated Fat0g0g0g0g0% 0% 0% 0% 
Iron (Fe)0mg0mg0mg0mg0% 0% 0% 0% 
Cholesterol 0mg0mg0mg0mg0% 0% 0% 0% 
Vitamin D0mcg0mcg0mcg0mcg0% 0% 0% 0% 
Nutritional Report


It can be easily prepared at home. You just need to have some ingredients like water, orange pekoe and pekoe-cut black tea, sugar, and ice. Follow the steps below:

  • Take a saucepan add 2 cups of water to it and turn on the stove. Bring it to a boil
  • In the next step, add Orange Pekoe, Pekoe Cut Black Tea, and 1 tsp. of sugar.
  • And give some boils to cook well.
  • Keep it aside for some time to cool it down.
  • Now take a cup or glass and add this to it.
  • Moving to the last step, add some ice cubes and serve it.
  • You can also add some mint to it.

Our Reviews

I have tried it personally; the soft, sweet and light tea has a perfect and sweet taste. I ordered it with my breakfast. A sweet and soothing aroma that refreshes you. This is the perfect tea for those who like less sugar and fewer calories.


McDonald’s uses Orange Pekoe and Pekoe Cut Black Tea. 

Here are some details about McDonald’s sweet tea according to their sizes;

  • Extra Small: 17g
  • Small: 24g 
  • Medium: 29g

Large: 40g

As compared to Coke, McDonald’s sweet tea contains fewer calories and sugar. That’s why this tea is healthier than Coke. 

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