A 46 Years Old Attorney was Shot by Customer at McDonalds Houston USA.

At Houston McDonald’s, an attorney was shot

Recently, news went viral regarding the attorney shot and killed after a verbal disagreement and fight at McDonald’s in Houston, Texas. A 46-year-old Jeffrey Limmer, was subjected to death after several time shots. Limmer lives near the McDonald’s where he was killed. 

Shooter got angry over McDonald’s order

Last weekend, an upset McDonald’s customer was angry with an employee at McDonald’s and started a fight. He was angry about his order and demanded a refund. The victim tried to calm down the upset customer. The customer began to fight with him, and Jeffrey Limmer pushed the customer to the ground. In return, the customer became so hyper and went to his car and took out a gun from his car. 

The customer fired a gun over Jeffrey Limmer several times which resulted in the death of Jeffrey Limmer. The department said in a news release, that Huston Police Officers found at McDonald’s a male with multiple gunshot wounds. 

Jennifer Thomas called Limmer ‘a good Samaritan’

Jeffrey Limmer was a good person as his sister Jennifer Thomas called him “a good Samaritan”. She said, “He loved his family and friends, ” and always making jokes, laughing, and just loving his life”. She said he was the only one who always tried to calm down others by saying it was not a big deal and trying to change the situation. 

Jennifer said that when they got news of the death of Limmer, her parents were at the granddaughter’s graduation. Limmer worked in Lewis Brisbois as an associate at the Houston office and spent his career helping others. 

Houston police are trying to search for the shooter who killed the Limmer. Moreover, Houston police asked if anyone had any information about the shooter and the incident, they must call 713-308-3600 or Houston Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

source: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2024/05/08/mcdonalds-shooting-houston-texas/73612663007/

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