McDonald’s McCafe Menu with Prices in USA 2024

In each McDonald’s branch, there is a separate “McCafe” for coffee lovers with high-quality coffee. McDonald’s also offers the best hot drinks on their McCafe menu. So, if you want the right combo with your breakfast meal, you should try the unique flavors of these extraordinary drinks. Besides, you can also pair it with any of your favorite meals.

McCafe offers different varieties of coffee: cappuccino, americano, latte, macchiato, etc.

McCafe Coffees

McCafe Nutrition Report

A general report about the nutrition of the McCafe menu is mentioned here, which will inform consumers about the nutrient contents that are contained in each size of coffee. The Nutrition Report will be helpful for diet-conscious people who consume only calculated amounts of calories. So, they can consult this nutrition chart before taking any of McDonald’s coffee.

Items Calories(cal)Proteins (g)Carbs(g)Fats(g)
Caramel Macchiato2609416
Caramel Cappuccino2107354.5
French Vanilla Cappuccino2105374.5
Mocha Latte2908459
Premium Roast Coffee5010
Iced Caramel Macchiato2007335
Iced Mocha28073910
Iced Coffee1402245
Iced Caramel Coffee1403235
Iced French Vanilla Coffee1501255
Iced Latte90474.5
Caramel Latte2509397
Iced Caramel Latte1806294.5
French Vanilla Latte2508396
Iced French Vanilla Latte1805304.5
Caramel Frappe42076017
Mocha Frappe43076117
McCafe Nutrition Report

Why are McDonald’s hot drinks and coffee so popular?

McDonald’s has a wide variety of hot drinks and coffees with multiple yummy flavors and tastes. McDonald’s McCafe is popular for many of their coffees, which makes this fast food chain more attractive.

McCafe offers the best and most healthy-quality prepared coffees with the use of fresh ingredients, which make them healthy and enhance their tastes. The coffee beans used by McCafe are so good and are sourced from the best quality material.

Another reason is that its affordability to customers makes McDonald’s hot drinks more demanding. So whenever you want a perfect and delicious drink, you can visit a McDonald’s outlet or order these flavorful and delicious coffees from the McCafe Menu.

Is McDonald’s McCafe good for you? 

McCafe takes good care of quality and taste, serves you with a delicious taste, and satisfies the taste of their customers.

All the products on their McCafe menu are fresh, like milk, cream, beans, yummy caramel, and chocolate sauce, which are also sources full of nutritive ingredients that are essential for the body. The ingredients McDonald’s uses in making their delicious coffees are healthy and of high quality.

It comprises a rich quantity of calories, proteins, fats, etc. Moreover, it is a perfect addition to your breakfast that will make your day energetic and pleasurable.

What are the highest and lowest coffee prices at McCafe Menu?

At McCafe USA Menu, there are a variety of coffees that have different prices according to the coffee and size. All the prices at McCafe are affordable, and these prices are lower than at other restaurants.

Most have little cost, but a few are costly. Usually, the prices range from low to high, from $3.19 to $4.62

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Q. What hot drinks does McCafe serve?

McCafe has a variety of hot drinks and coffees that have a delicious taste. The hot drinks offered by McCafe are: 

  • Cappuccino
  •  premium roast coffee
  •  caramel cappuccino
  • Americano etc.

Q. What is the best in McCafe?

However, all the McCafe items are well prepared with great taste and high-quality ingredients, but the most popular are caramel cappuccino, mocha latte, and caramel frappe.

Q. Is McCafe coffee good and healthy?

Yes, McCafe offers healthy items. All the products on their McCafe menu are fresh, like milk, cream, beans, yummy caramel, and chocolate sauce, which are also sources full of nutritive ingredients that are essential for the body. 

Q. Which sizes does McCafe offer for coffees?

At McCafe USA Menu, all the coffee and hot drinks are available in three different sizes: small, medium, and large.

Q. Are McCafe coffees portable?

Yes, you can take your McCafe coffees with you; you can order and pack them too.

Q. Is it possible to customize coffees from McCafe?

Yes, you can customize your coffee according to your wishes; if you want some extra topping of chocolate and cream or caramel sauce, you can ask for it on the counter, and they will prepare it according to your choice.

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