Strawberry Shake Price & Calories

Strawberry Shake is available on the latest McDonald’s Sweets & Treats Menu.

McDonald's Strawberry Shake

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Price: $4.12
Medium: $5.75
Large: $6.49

Strawberry shake has an exciting taste and smell that give your taste buds a relaxed and delightful feeling. This milkshake gives you a sweet and smooth taste of strawberry.

It has several essential nutrients that are healthy for the human body. It is prepared by mixing sweet, creamy vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup and topped with whipped light cream. Different sizes of strawberry milkshakes are available at McDonald’s.


  • Strawberry Flavor Syrup
  • Vanilla Fat Reduced Ice-Cream
  • Whipped soft Cream


  • Milk

Nutritional Report

Small: 470 Calories Medium: 600 Calories Large: 850 Calories

Nutrients Per Portion Percentage Daily Value
Small MediumLargeSmall Medium Large
Sodium (Na)160mg210mg310mg7%9%13%
Dietary Fiber0g0g0g0%1%1%
Added Sugars46g59g86g92%118%171%
Total Sugars58g74g107gNillNillNill
Potassium (K)500mg650mg930mg10%15%20%
Calcium (Ca)350mg460mg650mg25%35%50%
Trans-saturated fats0.5g0.5g1gNIllNillNill
Saturated Fats8g10g13g41%50%67%
Iron (Fe)0mg0mg0mg0%0%2%
Vitamin D0mcg0mcg0mcg0%0%0%
Nutritional Report

Our Review

I had a great experience the first time I tried this yummy milkshake. The creamy top of this milk makes its presentation wonderful. Upon taking a sip of this strawberry milkshake, you will feel freshness in your mouth. It is the perfect combination of vanilla ice cream and strawberry syrup, which enhances its taste.


Q. Is McDonald’s strawberry milkshake healthy?

The McDonald’s strawberry milkshake is healthy like other chocolate milkshake, vanilla milkshakes as it contains many essential nutrients.

Q. Are strawberry milkshakes good?

A strawberry milkshake is a tasty milkshake that is good for health and has an amazing taste. A perfect milkshake for strawberry lovers.

Q. Does a strawberry milkshake have any benefits?

A strawberry milkshake has benefits as it has many essential nutrients required by the body such as calcium, sodium, potassium, fats, etc

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