1% Low Fat Milk Jug Price & Calories

1% low fat Milk Jug is available on the latest McDonald’s Beverages Menu.

1% Low Fat Milk Jug

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In the McDonald’s Beverages section, fresh and organic 1% low fat milk jugs are available. This refreshingly organic chilled milk is full of vitamins A and D and is a good source of calcium.

It provides you with a smooth and sweet flavor. Go and get this perfect, healthy milk with your happy meals.

1% Low-Fat Milk Jug Price: $2.59


1% low fat Milk Jug Allergens

  • Milk

Nutritional Report

Total carbs: 12g (4% DV), Proteins: 8g, Calories: 100cal, Total Fats: 2g (3% DV)

NutrientsPer PortionPercentage Daily Value
Sodium (Na)80mg3%
Dietary Fiber0g0%
Added Sugars0g0%
Total Sugars11gNill 
Potassium (K)350mg8%
Calcium (Ca)260mg20%
Trans-saturated fats0gNill 
Saturated Fats1.5g7%
Iron (Fe)0mg0%
Vitamin D2mcg15%
Nutritional Report

Our Reviews

Today, I ordered this 1% low-fat milk jug that comes in portable packaging. This 1% low-fat milk is purely organic and fresh. You can take it with your meal for breakfast. However, this milk provides a great balance of sweetness, which makes people love it.


McDonald’s offers a 1 % Low Fat Milk Jug in their beverages section, which is purely organic and fresh.

McDonald’s low-fat milk jug contains about 100 cal.

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