Strawberry and Crème Pie Price & Calories

Strawberry and Crème Pie is available on the latest McDonald’s Sweets & Treats Menu.

Strawberry and Crème Pie

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Price: $3.59

This delicious and crunchy strawberry and crème pie, filled with extraordinary strawberry flavor, gives you a perfect bite. It not only has a mouthwatering taste but also has an attractive look that fills your mouth with strawberry and a creamy taste.

It is a baked pie made of strawberries and vanilla crème filled inside, and the outer crust is crunchy and crispy. And to enhance its sweetness, the outer crust is coated with sugar. It is rich in nutrients and taste.


  • Milk
  • Wheat

Nutritional Report

Calories: 280 cal, Total Carbs: 34g (12%DV), Proteins: 3g, Total Fat: 15g (19%DV)

NutrientsPer PortionPercentage daily value
Sodium (Na)170mg7%
Dietary Fiber (D.F)1g3%
Added Sugar13g26%
Total Sugars13g– 
Potassium (K)70mg2%
Calcium (Ca)35mg2%
Trans saturated Fat (T.F)0g– 
Saturated Fat 8g42%
Iron (Fe)1mg6%
Cholesterol 10mg4%
Vitamin D0mcg0%
Nutritional Report

Our Review

Today, after coming back from university, my brother and I visited the McDonald’s outlet. We checked the menu and decided to order the yummy strawberry and crème pie with coffee. As our order arrived, it looked tasty. We could not control ourselves and just took a bite of this yummy pie.

What an excellent feeling it provides for your taste buds! The pure and fresh smell of strawberries increases your appetite. You should get pleasure from this yummy pie, as it is not a neglected item on McDonald’s menu.


Q. What is strawberry pie filling made of?

This strawberry pie filling is made of a creamy mixture of strawberries and vanilla crème filled inside. And the outer crust is crunchy and crispy-baked.

Q. Does strawberry pie have protein?

Strawberry and Crème Pie is full of essential nutrients that a body needs. Like other nutrients, proteins are also present. The total amount of protein in this pie is 3g.

Q. Does this pie have real strawberries?

The inner filling of this pie is filled with the prepared mixture of fresh strawberries and creamy crème.

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