McFlurry with M&M’s Candies Price & Calories

McFlurry with M&M’s Candies is available on the latest McDonald’s Sweets & Treats Menu.

McFlurry with M&M's Candies

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Price: $5.99

This McFlurry is a sweet and delicious product prepared by combining creamy vanilla with crunchy M&M’s chocolate candies, and these crunchy candies are twisted McFlurry.

It is available in regular size, which has calories of about 640 calories.



  • Milk 
  • Soy 
  • Peanut

Nutritional Report

Calories: 640 Total Carbs: 96g (35%DV), Proteins: 13g, Total Fat: 21g (27%DV)

NutrientsPer PortionPercentage Daily Value
Sodium (Na)200mg8%
Dietary Fiber2g6%
Added Sugars69g137%
Total Sugars83g– 
Potassium (K)670mg15%
Calcium (Ca)440mg35%
Trans-saturated fats0.5g– 
Saturated Fats14g68%
Iron (Fe)0.5mg4%
Vitamin D0mcg0%
Nutritional Report

Our Review

If you are a lover of ice cream and chocolate, then you should try this awesome dessert.  The first thing that attracted me was the wonderful presentation of colorful milk chocolate M&M candies. Not only was its presentation awesome, but also these M&M candies with ice cream gave me a combo of crunchy and soft taste.  You should definitely go and try this wonderful item from McDonald’s.


Q. Why did McDonald’s stop selling M&M’s McFlurry?

They have stopped selling this for some time because they think people have started consuming too much sugar. It is available at McDonald’s; they didn’t stop selling this sweet and tasty product.

Q. Can you get a McFlurry with Oreos and M&M?

You can get McFlurry with Oreos and M&M; you just need to ask the server for extra toppings and have to pay the extra bill.

Q. How many calories are in a McDonald’s McFlurry with M&M?

The calories in a regular-size McFlurry topped with M&M’s Candies is 640 calories.

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