Hot Caramel Sundae Price & Calories

Hot Caramel Sundae

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Price: $5.59

This is the best item at McDonald’s, especially for caramel and vanilla lovers. The hot caramel provides a sweet and incredible taste to this sundae.

The Caramel Sundae is prepared by combining creamy vanilla ice cream with caramel topping. A wonderful addition to your meal is available only in one size.


  • Reduced Fat Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Topping of Caramel sauce


  • Milk

Nutritional Report

Calories: 330 Total carbs: 58g (21%DV); Proteins: 7g (14%DV), Total Fats: 7g (9%DV)

NutritionPer PortionPercentage daily value
Sodium (Na)150mg7%
Dietary Fiber0g1%
Added Sugars34g67%
Total Sugars41gNill
Potassium (K)320g6%
Calcium (Ca)240g20%
Trans-saturated fats0gNill
Saturated Fats4.5g24%
Iron (Fe)0mg0%
Vitamin D0mcg0%
Nutritional Report

Our Review

Today I drove to McDonald’s to enjoy their ice cream. As I reached it, I checked the menu and saw this caramel sundae. So, I changed my mind and decided to order the caramel sundae. The first bite made me realize how perfectly they made a combo of vanilla ice cream and hot caramel sauce. The caramel sauce topping is the best thing about this sundae, as it enhances its sweetness. It was a great experience for me. You guys must go and enjoy this McDonald’s dessert.


Q. What comes in a Caramel Sundae?

This caramel sundae comes with soft creamy vanilla ice cream. This is combined with a buttery topping of caramel that makes it yummy.

Q. Is Caramel Sundae a Milkshake?

It’s a kind of milkshake but not, Moreover, it is made with whipped vanilla ice cream covered with creamy hot caramel. 

Q. Does McDonald’s sundae have milk?

The ingredients present in McDonald’s sundaes are milk, sugar, cream, natural flavor, corn syrup, water, salt, etc. So, yes it contains milk.

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