Chocolate Shake Price & Calories

Chocolate Shake is available on the latest McDonald’s Sweets & Treats Menu.

Chocolate Shake

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Price Small: $4.12
Medium Price: $5.75 
Large Price: $6.49

In their dessert sections, McDonald’s offers a delicious chocolate milkshake, which is a perfect combo of chocolate syrup and fine light whipped cream added on the top.

This shake has a wonderful taste, and you can enjoy this sweet taste shake at any time of the day. It also serves as a splendid dessert at the end of your meal. Available in small, medium, and large sizes, the number of calories in the small one is 520 cal.


 ●   Reduced Fat Vanilla Ice Cream
●   Whipped Cream
●   Chocolate Flavor Syrup


● Milk

Nutritional Report

Small: 520 Calories Medium: 650 Calories Large: 800 Calories

NutrientsPer PortionPercentage Daily Value
Sodium (Na)250mg310mg390mg11% 13% 17% 
Dietary Fiber(D.F)1g1g1g2% 3% 4% 
Added Sugar54g68g86g109% 137% 172% 
Total Sugar67g85g106gNillNillNill
Potassium (K)640mg800mg990mg15% 15% 20% 
Calcium (Ca)400mg500mg610mg30% 40% 45% 
Trans Fat (T.F)0.5g1g1gNillNillNill
Saturated Fat (S.F)9g11g13g46%55%65%
Iron (Fe)0.5mg0.5mg0.5mg2%  4% 
Cholesterol55mg65mg80mg19% 22% 26% 
Vitamin D0mcg0mcg0mcg0% 0% 0%
Nutritional Report

Our Review

Yesterday, I went to the market with my friend. It was a hot day, and we decided to visit McDonald’s for some cool and refreshing drinks. We checked the menu and decided to order the chocolate milkshake. As I took one sip of this delicious milkshake, its creamy and cool taste made me refresh, and its topping with cream looked amazing.


Q. Is McDonald’s Chocolate milkshake healthy?

The chocolate milkshake is healthy as it provides great nutrients needed by the body. It has high calories and fats which is beneficial for the body.

Q. Does this Chocolate milkshake use powdered milkshakes?

The chocolate flavored shake is made from chocolate syrup and fresh cream which is blended smoothly and added on the top of the shake.

Q. Is this shake real ice cream?

Ice cream is not present in it, it is prepared by blending the fresh cream which gives a smoothie texture like ice cream.

Q. Only chocolate milkshakes are available at McDonald’s.

In addition to chocolate milkshakes, some other shakes of different flavors are also available like strawberry shakes, vanilla shakes, etc.

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