Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Price & Calories

The Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Signature Burger is available on the latest McDonald’s Burger Menu.

Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese

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Price: $9.79
Meal Price: $14.79

Get your hands on the amazing Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese at McDonald’s USA. This burger contains a sesame bun, beef patties, a slice of American cheese, pickle slices, onions, ketchup, and mustard.

The melty cheese and beef patties combo brings more taste along with its toppings. However, the ketchup and mustard make this burger more yummy and tasty. You can enhance your experience more by ordering a cold drink with spicy buffalo sauce.

Get the Double-Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal which will offer you regular Coca-Cola and a pack of fries. Go to McDonald’s or order it online to enjoy the meal.


100% Beef Patty
Quarter Pounder Beef Patty (100%)
Quarter Pounder Bun
Quarter Pound Bun
American Cheese (Pasteurized Process)
American Cheese (Pasteurized Process)
Pickle Slices
Pickle Slices


  • Wheat 
  • Milk 
  • Soy
  • Sesame

Nutritional Report

Calories: 740 Cal.Total Carbs: 43g (16 % DV) Protein: 48g Total Fat: 42g (54 % DV) 

NutrientsPer PortionPercentage Daily Value
Sodium (Na)1360 mg59 % 
Dietary Fiber2g9 % 
Added Sugars8g16 % 
Total Sugars10gNil
Potassium (K)660 mg15 % 
Calcium (Ca)200 mg15 % 
Trans Saturated Fats2.5gNil
Saturated Fats20g98 %  
Iron (Fe)6mg35 % 
Cholesterol165 mg55 % 
Vitamin D0 mcg0% 
Nutritional Report of Double Quarter Pounder Cheese


Talking about the taste of this burger, it is flavorful as the different ingredients combined nicely. And you might face difficulty while eating it because of its size. It holds two patties along with some onion and pickle toppings. So, be careful when you eat it. In case, you find it too much for you, you can get yourself a Quarter Pounder with Cheese Burger that is similar to this item. Overall its good option to go at McDonalds.


Q. How much does a Double-Quarter Pounder with cheese have?

The Double Quarter Pounder contains 2 pieces of cheese.

Q. Is the Double Quarter Pounder with cheese healthy?

On a daily basis, consumption of Double-Pounder with Cheese is not good for health because it contains 42 grams of fats. You have to follow your diet plan to stay healthy. 

Q. What is the difference between a quarter pounder and a Double Quarter Pounder?

A quarter pounder contains one quarter pounder patty and a Double Quarter Pounder contains two quarter pounder patties.  

Q. Is a McDouble a double Quarter Pounder?

No, McDouble is not a double Quarter Pounder. 

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