Egg McMuffin Breakfast Sandwich Prices & Calories

It is available on the latest McDonald’s menu as a breakfast sandwich.

Egg McMuffin

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Price: $7.19
Meal Price: $10.39

Enjoy the amazing Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s. This breakfast item is prepared with English muffins, eggs, American cheese, butter, and Canadian bacon. It has the necessary softness and salty flavor. Further, a slice of American cheese and Canadian bacon make it more delicious.

The American McDonald’s introduced a wide McMuffin range such as Sausage McMuffin, Sausage McMuffin with Egg, and more. You may Order it through McDonald’s App or via Delivery partners.

You can get more for breakfast with the McDonald’s meal. In the meal, you can get an Egg McMuffin, Hash Browns, and McCafe Premium Roast Coffee. You may select the coffee or drink according to your choices. The cost of the meal is higher because of the added drink and crispy hash browns.


English Muffin
English Muffin
Canadian Bacon
Canadian Bacon
Salted Butter
Salted Butter
Pasteurized Process American Cheese
Pasteurized Process American Cheese
Clarified Butter
Clarified Butter


Nutritional Report

Total Carbs: 30g (11 % DV) Calories: 310 Cal.  Protein: 17g Total Fat: 13g (17 % DV)

NutrientsPer PortionPercentage Daily Value
Sodium (Na)770mg33 %
Dietary Fiber2g6 %
Added Sugars1g 2 %
Total Sugars3gNil
Potassium (K)200mg4 %
Calcium (Ca)170 mg15 %
Trans Saturated Fats0gNil
Saturated Fats6g31 % 
Iron (Fe)3mg15 %
Cholesterol250mg83 % 
Vitamin D2 mcg15% 
Nutritional Report


It is a perfect combination of McMuffin, cheese, egg, and Canadian bacon stacked between the two halves of an English muffin. This breakfast sandwich created a warm aroma that is quite appetizing.

The taste is little spicy and salty, but overall, it is good. The sandwich from McDonald’s breakfast menu had a significant amount of carbs and protein that is sufficient for a fresh morning start.


Q. What is in an Egg-McMuffin?

The Egg-McMuffin consists of English McMuffin, a slice of American cheese, Canadian bacon, butter, and Egg.

Q. Is the Egg-McMuffin healthy?

Yes, this Egg-McMuffin is one of the best healthy options for breakfast. You can get 310 Calories in your breakfast using it.

Q. What makes Egg-McMuffin so good?

Almost all the ingredients make the Egg-McMuffin so good, tasty, and delicious.

Q. What comes in an Egg-McMuffin meal?

You get an Egg-McMuffin, a McCafe Premium Roast Coffee and crispy hash browns in a meal. You may select the drink according to your choice and preference.

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