Wesley Lee Bullock

A McDonalds customer opened fire after not getting his Sauce in  Zephyrhills, Florida

Recently, A McDonalds customer opened fire named as “Wesley Lee Bullock” after not getting his sauce with his order in Zephyrhills, Florida in USA on April 16. 

This McDonald’s customer punched, slammed, hit with a handgun and tried to shoot another patron just because he did not get his sauce along with his order.

Wesley Bullock was so angry that he did not get his sauce, so he went to the drive-Thru at restaurant and began to shout at the staff. According to the outlet,  the victim involved himself as he tried to calm down Bullock. He grabbed the victim by his throat and gave him a punch and they began to brawl but the McDonald’s Staff tried to break up this fight. 

But later, Wesley Bullock went behind the victim and followed him to the gas station “Speedway” and cut off his car. He went out of his car and pointed the handgun on the victim. Bullock then reportedly hit the man with the gun in the head and then re-cocked the gun.

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According to the victim, he stated that he snatched the handgun from the bullock and began to fight in order to gain control over him as he was in fear of his life. He stated that at that time he thought he was going to die”.

Police were there when they got a call from McDonald’s at 6026 Gall Blvd. According to the situation, Bullock was sent to Pasco jail on a $400,00 bond.

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