Tangy Barbeque Sauce Price & Calories

Tangy Barbeque Sauce is available on the latest McDonald’s Fries and Sides Menu.

Tangy Barbeque Sauce

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Price: $0.50

You can use this sauce while eating the chicken McNuggets or with any of your favorite burgers. The tangy BBQ sauce gives you a smoky, sweet, and tangy taste.

It contains vinegar, tomato paste, and savory spices, which add to the taste and give it a more intense taste.

Nutritional Report

Calories: 45 Total Carbs: 11g (4% DV)  Protein: 0g  Total Fat: 0g (0% DV)   

NutrientsPer PortionPercentage Daily Value
Sodium (Na)260mg11% 
Dietary Fiber0g0% 
Added Sugars9g18% 
Total Sugars9gNil
Potassium (K)55mg2% 
Calcium (Ca)4mg0% 
Trans Saturated Fats0gNil
Saturated Fats0g0%  
Iron (Fe)0mg0% 
Vitamin D0 mcg0% 
Nutritional Report

Our Review

A few days ago, I went to McDonald’s with my friends. We decided to order their McCrispy burgers. As we both are spice lovers, we called the server and asked for extra tangy BBQ sauce along with our deal. We poured this sauce on our burger and took a bite; honestly speaking, its taste was just splendid. This sauce makes the burger more tasty, as you can feel the tomato and black pepper taste in it. You should also try this sauce if you are a spice lover.

Disclaimer: The nutritional information, ingredients, and allergens are sourced from McDonald’s USA.


Q. What is tangy BBQ sauce made of?

The Tangy BBQ sauce contains the ingredients which are listed below;
Tomato paste base
Savory spices with a hint of sweet hickory smoke flavor.

Q. What does McDonald’s tangy BBQ sauce taste like?

The taste of a tangy BBQ sauce is like a smoky, sweet, and tangy flavor. 

Q. What are the 4 types of barbecue sauce?

Here are 4 types of Barbecue sauce;
Tomato-Based Sauce
Mustard-Based Sauce
Vinegar-Based Sauce
Mayonnaise-Based Sauce

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