Ketchup Packet Calories, Price & Energy Count

The Ketchup Packet is available on the latest McDonald’s Fries and Sides Menu.

Ketchup Packet

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Price: $0.50

Enjoy the ketchup with the world-famous fries from the McDonald’s USA menu. You can also pour ketchup on chicken McNuggets and sausage McMuffin to enhance their taste.

Your fast items give more taste and become flavorful when you use ketchup with them. In each packet, there are 10 calories and 0% fat.

Nutritional Report

Calories: 10 Total Carbs: 2g (1% DV)  Protein: 0g  Total Fat: 0g (0%DV )   

NutrientsPer PortionPercentage Daily Value
Sodium (Na)90mg4% 
Dietary Fiber0g0% 
Added Sugars2g3% 
Total Sugars2gNil
Potassium (K)30mg0% 
Calcium (Ca)0mg0% 
Trans Saturated Fats0gNil
Saturated Fats0g0%  
Iron (Fe)0mg0% 
Vitamin D0mcg0% 
Nutritional Report

Our Review

Today I am going to review the taste of packets of ketchup from McDonald’s. All fast food items become more flavorful when you use ketchup with them. That’s why, while placing my order at the counter, I asked the counter boy to add packets of ketchup along with my Big Mac burger.

So I received my order in 15 minutes, and without hesitation, I poured a spoonful of the ketchup on my burger and took a bite. I felt a fresh aroma of tomato with spices in the ketchup. Then I took a bite of a burger without ketchup; no doubt it was yummy too, but the taste along with the ketchup was just awesome.

Disclaimer: The nutritional information, ingredients, and allergens are sourced from McDonald’s USA.


Q. What is a packet of ketchup?

It is a small bag or pouch in which ketchup is carefully preserved.

Q. Are swollen packets of ketchup safe?

If the pack of ketchup is damaged or puffy, then don’t use it and throw it. Moreover, don’t use it also if you see that the color of ketchup has changed and its taste is odd.

Q. Does Ketchup go bad?

Yes, if the packet of ketchup remains unopened and its expiration date comes. Once you open the pack of ketchup, you should use it within a month and refrigerate it.

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